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Condo Insurance Options in Allen, TX

Condos are great for people who want to live in the heart of a city, enjoy sweeping views and have access to state-of-the art amenities. Your choice of a condo can be as varied as your personal needs: from downtown high rise buildings with security patrols right up through small complexes that offer serene settings and plenty of green space where you’ll never need gardeners or exterior maintenance services!

Your condo is more than just a place to call home. It’s also an investment that you want to protect with all the possessions inside it.

Condo insurance may help with risks

Fire Damages Your Condo

Risk: While you’re at work, a fire in your utility room spreads to several rooms before it’s contained. Firefighters blame the blaze on lint that accumulated near your dryer’s heating element.

Coverage: Your condo property insurance coverage can help when damage to your interior — such as built—in appliances and flooring — isn’t covered by your association’s insurance policy.

You Must Move Out During Repairs

Risk: You can’t live in your condominium while fire damage is repaired — the contractor says the project may take several months.

Coverage: Coverage for additional living expenses can help with the costs of temporary relocation when a covered event makes your condo uninhabitable.

A Guest is Suing You

Risk: You’re enjoying an al fresco dinner party when part of your balcony collapses — injuries aren’t severe, but one guest plans to sue.

Coverage: Liability coverage can help you protect your assets against lawsuits that result from accidents that take place on your property.

Your Visitor is Injured

Risk: You didn’t get to a loose tile you’ve been meaning to fix before your visitor trips on it and breaks her arm.

Coverage: Medical payments coverage can help with expenses when a visitor is injured at your residence.

Other risks

Condo insurance may also help with:

Your Luggage Goes Missing

Risk: You can’t find your suitcase at the baggage carousel after a long overseas flight. Airline employees determine it was stolen.

Coverage: Farmers can help if your personal property is stolen — anywhere in the world — up to your condo policy’s limit.

Your Household Employee Steals From You

Risk: While you’re on a vacation, your housekeeper steals your jewelry — and makes it look like an outside job.

Coverage: Coverage for jewelry and watches are standard with your condo insurance policy: up to $1,000 per item, and up to $5,000 for all items lost in that event.

Maximize value with multiline discounts

You’ll get the most value from Farmers coverage with discounts when you buy multiple policies — be sure your condo insurance quote includes quotes for auto, umbrella and life coverage.

Farmers can also help you plan your financial future with Farmers Financial Solutions®.

Farmers works to build strong customer relationships

Farmers has spent almost 90 years putting customers first. Are you shopping for coverage, or do you have a question about your condo policy? Maybe you’re ready for a condo insurance quote. Whatever your insurance needs, Farmers agents are ready to deliver personalized service and support.

You’ll experience a similar level of care from our knowledgeable claims representatives, who will provide assistance as quickly as possible.


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